New Blog is (kind of) up and Running…

Here is my first post on my new page Reaching for Happiness Blog!

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and wish you the very best for a Happy New Year 2016!

I hope to see as many of you as possible over on the new happiness blog, because I’m sure I’ll need your help!

Take care,

Jude x.



Hello! And a Very Merry Christmas TO YOU!

You may or may not have realised, but I haven’t been blogging here for a LONG while, nearly 2 months in fact!

I have been concentrating on home schooling my daughter…I am now focussing on being well and being happy, and not concentrating on illness.

So, if you’d like to join me on my quest to health and happiness, or just read about it even, head on over to

Reaching for Happiness



Thank you for reading,

Jude x

Pinch! Punch! First of the Month – No Returns to Me!

On the first of every month here in the UK a silly superstitious tradition is still practiced which purportedly hails back to Ye Olde England times, the tradition goes thus:-

One party hails another with –

Pinch! Punch! First Day of the Month! No Returns to me!

Whilst reciting this little phrase the first party gets to both pinch and punch the second party and then exclaim they can’t be pinched or punched in return…

…how utterly charming. 

And it’s all because of WITCHES, it’s so obvious really. I’m surprised I never knew this until now!

Here it is explained by this source:

“Originating from old England times when people thought that witches existed. People thought that salt would make a witch weak, so the pinch part is pinching of the salt, and the punch part was to banish the witch. The witch would be weak from the salt so the punch was to banish her.” 

Of course we don’t actually go out on the streets battering each other. 
We are British, after all. That just wouldn’t be cricket. 

We simply ‘pretend’ pinch and punch each other in private. We’re not beasts, you know.  I expect on the playground things aren’t quite so gentile.

We have a Pinch and Punch Ninja Queen in our house. Gia thinks up some ingenious and surprising ways to ensure she gets to do the act before it is done unto her. 

This morning it was waking up at the crack of dawn, creeping into our bedroom, lifting the covers a little, and pinching our toes. I’m just glad I was awake, or else I may have accidentally kicked her in the face. By accident. Not on purpose. No. I love being woken up in the early hours of a Sunday morning to have my foot tickled. 

Really. Love it. 

At least I now know I’m not a witch. 



Thanks a Bunch, United Nations


This is me.  One angry bird.  ‘For why, Jude?’ I hear you ask.  Well, let me tell you.

My dear constant readers, all three of you, will know that I have a daughter who has developmental issues due to cerebral palsy.  One of those issues is believing everything that she’s told by those in authority – be it teachers, grandparents or what’s on the news.

For some reason, this issue doesn’t extend to believing what her parent’s say. Weird.

Things are either Black or White to Gia, there are very rarely shades of grey.

So when it was announced this week by the World Health Organisation’s cancer research team peeps at the UN – the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) – that eating processed and red meat causes cancer, Gia decided she’d better not eat those things.

So yesterday, all she ate was cookies.  The delicious spaghetti and meatballs I had made – one of her favourites! – went mostly uneaten.

Gia is more than a picky eater – it goes beyond that because her oral muscles are so rubbish for chewing and swallowing and all that – but a picky eater she is.

So now we have to convince her that occasional red meat is fine, fish is something people eat and enjoy, chicken is wonderful and low in saturated fat, vegetable and fruit are full of vitamins and antioxidants, sugar is bad for you full-stop.

Wish me luck!

– Jude

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Angry Bird image from Pixabay



Quotes Wednesday – George Eliot

“Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them.” – George Eliot

Quote from BrainyQuote



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