This Made Me Think…

Is this a potato....or a potato?
Is this a potato….or a potato?

I came across this post yesterday, while taking part in a WordPress’ Blogging 101 task.

There are 3 reasons I liked this post. Firstly, it’s written by a new blogger like me, secondly it was short but sweet which appeals to me being a busy person ‘n’ all, and last but not at all least, is because it had both both wise words to convey and humour too. Or should I say humor. Tomatoes, tomatoes. Oh hey, that doesn’t come across very well on the page, does it? Tomay-toes, tomar-toes. Meh. It’s better at least.

The post of which I write comes from the currently anonymous blog I Believe I was Promised Enlightenment, and is titled “Hey, it’s Fine” – a list of things that it’s fine to do. I was hooked with the first item on the list,

it’s fine to do nothing. Your body needs you to do nothing at times. 

As a person with an autoimmune disease, some of the symptoms of which are daily pain, inflammation, swollen bit n’ pieces and crippling fatigue, this one resonates with me, ha!

The writer goes on with the list to say that it’s fine to feel and express a whole array of emotions in various witty situations, and I have to say I agree. Being diagnosed with a painful and disabling disease at the prime of your life brings up a set of emotions that it is also fine to express. Like the joy I felt when I discovered that Rheumatoid Disease, or Rheumatoid Arthritis, or Autoimmune Inflammatory Disease – whatever you call it – will shorten my life by an average of only 10 years. Oh the joy I felt. Meh. Sorry. Lapsed into sarcasm there… 🙂

On that super-happy-mildly-sarcastic note, I shall bid you farewell, and thank you for reading.


6 thoughts on “This Made Me Think…

  1. Great post, I’ve had type 1 diabetes for 18 years now, so pretty much my whole life. It’s good to find humor in the seriousness of diseases and know you’re not alone!


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