Will I Ever Learn?



Today’s title ‘Will I Ever Learn?’ has a two-fold meaning. I’m using it to describe my brand new Blogging 101 learning experience, as well as my seemingly ridiculous attempt at learning to have a semblance of ‘normal’ life with a chronic illness too.

I have written this post, added a link, added 2 images and attributed them (even though there was no legal need to…!) plus I’ve embedded a YouTube video.  All from the comfort of my reclining sofa on an iPad. Hooray for technology! Hooray that I’m learning about this technology!

Another learning opportunity came my way when, this weekend, we as a family went for a car trip day out.  Two hours travel there, and two hours back. We didn’t have a plan as to what we were going to do, we just pointed the car in the right direction and headed off. Once we got there, the two of us in the car with health issues (#2 Daughter and I) were hot, exhausted, hungry and quite frankly a little grumpy and ready to go home again. So that’s what we did. I’m sure the other two family members in the car (The Hubby and #1 Daughter) must’ve felt a little annoyed and frustrated to say the least, that we finally got there then turned around and came home again. Not that anyone complained, but then they wouldn’t.  They’re good people, and understand that my being poorly with rheumatoid fatigue and my daughter’s cerebral palsy gives her the stamina of a gnat sometimes means things don’t work out the way we hoped they would…but what did I learn?

I learned that for days out at least, or maybe the whole experience of family life even, has to be planned. In advance. Days or weeks in advance.  This is so that my teen with disabilities (#2 Daughter) can get used to the idea of having to spend a day away from the safety and comfort of home. So that I can schedule time to actively rest the day before and the day after, plan food breaks, toilet stops, in-car entertainment, all the boring practical stuff Mother has to do.  Daughter #1 can plan and decide what she wants to do at the destination that will make her most happy, and that The Hubby can look at his maps with a joyful expression on his face. Why do men like to look at maps..?


Being ill and learning to cope with the pressures of modern life is a never-ending challenge that changes all the time. The challenges change. The ways of dealing with these challenges must therefore also change to suit. 


Learning how to blog is somewhat easier – a set of rules and instructions have already be written by wise minds for us to follow. I wish someone had written out a set of guidelines for me.




Just for fun, and because I’m still learning, here is a YouTube video I have embedded. Woo, go me!

Video ‘Bitey Puppy’ by parry95





2 thoughts on “Will I Ever Learn?

  1. Hi Jx, as a mum, I feel you in terms of the chores, but I’ve learnt to do just the ‘presently needful’,even if you don’t work it can be quite exhausting! So,my tips…no need to sweep daily that portion of the house that no one goes daily, who says the laundry must be done everyday, the cooking…think more of hassle free/ stress free meals you can whip up every now and then(they’ll understand)! Do you go to church? You’ll find a sanctuary there every now and then. CHEERS.
    NB.Love your theme, the outlay, still battling with mine,embedding media and stuffs.


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